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In August 2001 I picked up a water bottle and (without knowing it) blew out my L5 disc. Things got gradually worse over the next few days and then stabilized. I mistakenly took a business trip thinking I could handle it, and, by the time I got back I was in terrible shape. I could not walk more than 20 yards, and that was bent over almost double. The injury had impacted my sciatic nerve and I was having shooting pains through my right leg along with severe back pain. I had been seeing Adam before this incident and we had been working on a couple of other (comparatively) minor problems. I saw him as soon as I got back from my trip. I was worried that I would need surgery and we developed a plan of action to see if that was really necessary. I wanted to avoid surgery for a number of reasons. Primarily, my own belief that once you physically invade the body, you limit it�s ability to repair itself in that area. This can include the ability to develop supporting strength or healing capabilities.

In short, I thought (and still do think) that once you cut, the only way to solve subsequent problems is to keep cutting. I was 41 years old and basically in good health. Adam and I discussed the situation and we decided to try icing, stretching, and chiropractic for a couple of weeks to see if that would have any effect. After all, the surgery option would always be there should we run out of options. I spent the next four weeks on my living room floor icing, doing stretches, and getting out to see Adam.  At one point we were getting together daily (a couple of days more than once) so we could make sure things were progressing properly. I got very good at describing sensations I was feeling! Gradually things improved. I moved off the floor and onto crutches, and then a cane. Once I got far enough along we signed up for some physical therapy sessions for preventive maintenance and strength work. I am now back to 100%, and hopefully a little bit wiser.

I will never regret working with Adam to see if we could avoid surgery. I know that there are circumstances where surgery is the smartest and most practical option. In my case that was not clear, and I am glad we took time to explore it. Because of our work together, I avoided surgery. I know I will now always have a weak link at my L5, but know more about how to take care of myself and how to better listen to my body.

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As a Retail Associate of Discount Mattress, voted #1 in the Valley, I am an advocate for proper spinal alignment (and a proper mattress!).  I trained for competitive horse show jumping and was a professional horse trainer.  I�ve had my fair share of bumps, bruises, and hard falls.  These traumas combined with an old ankle injury and a twisted rib cage made me a prime candidate for chiropractic care.  As an athlete I�ve tried several alternative and conventional therapies.  Here�s why I recommend the practice and philosophy of Drs. Adam and Jeanette Wilburn: A professional office setting, complete and thorough initial exam and analysis, on-site x-ray equipment and examination, next day x-ray analysis, customized chiropractic care, and financial packages and health insurance coverage options available.  A+ recommendation.

LIKE A PERSON - William, age 5

I feel like a new person.
William, age 5


I have been taking my two children to Dr. Jeanette for three years now (since my son's birth!). I am in awe of her expert care, especially with such young chiropractic patients. She has a wonderful, fun manner with my children, and they are always excited to see Dr. Jeanette!
-Kim, mother of two